Monday, October 4, 2010

Pastry tips

The new pastry tips
I ordered online some new large round pastry tips for cupcakes. I found that the ones in your local craft store were not large enough to give you the professional appearance so I was geeked when these arrived to my door.
The circumference is almost the size of a quarter if that helps give you some perspective of size. I encourage every cupcake decorater to give these a try. Size does matter... no pun intended. This tip was used in all of the photos below.

My sister's chocolate chocolate cupcake. I added the fondant flower because it so deserved one.

More chocolate for those chococlate lovers. I added cherries, oreos and a hersheys kiss.

This cupcake is actually flavored with cherry and cola flavoring. It is my take on a Cherry Coke.

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